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Registration terms

1. This is official registration form and all the data must be filled in correctly and without errors;
2. Data must filled in in your own language using all the characters included in alphabet, except languages based on non latin alphabets;
3. All personal and contact data must be writen using official writing rules: the first letter of sentence (or name/title) is capital and the other letters must be lowercase. Exceptions is only allowed when word is written specifically in origin;
4. It is necessary to type correnct e-mail address. E-mail will be used for useful messages, system confirmamations and you will get your registration password to it.
5. Telephone numbers must be written in international format (eg. +XXX XXX XXXXX);

This form is not realtime registration. All registration data is checked by administrator and registration may be cancelled if there is possibilyti that any of the data is incorrect or faked.
All the data specified in registration form is private and net shown anywhere except in standart information blocks (eg. cat show catalog).

 I agree with these registration terms and guarantee that all the data given is correct and correspond with terms
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